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THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES’ Exemption Eligibility Revealed

NEWS&STORIES 2017.07.10
THE CJ CUP,path to the stage of dream

THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES’ Exemption Eligibility Revealed 

- Eligibility Requirement for 18 Exemptions Announced 

- CJ to play a bridge role in providing regional prospects to make their dreams become reality

- Tournament to field the most Asian golfers in PGA TOUR history

THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES, Korea’s first PGA TOUR regular season tournament, is being highly anticipated by the Korean golf fans. With the tournament slogan ‘Bridge to Realization’, CJ has been striving to provide regional players with an opportunity to compete at a world class level and possibly making their dreams come true.

On October 30th, CJ has officially announced the exemption eligibility for the 18 spots. This will provide an opportunity to Korean players & prospects playing in various tours around globe. Once the field is set for THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES, it could field the most Korean players in PGA TOUR history.

First 5 spots have been arranged for KPGA, Korean Tour. The winners of both KPGA Championship and a newly sanctioned Genesis Championship will be invited to the tournament. In addition, top 3 players from The Genesis Points ranking (KPGA order of merit) will have the privilege to play on a PGA TOUR tournament. The order of merit deadline for Genesis Points will be following the ‘Caido Series Only Jeju Open’. “It’s extremely significant to have world class PGA TOUR players compete in Korea. This opportunity will certainly aid in developing Korean men’s golf.” Said Hwee-Bu Yang, the chairman of KPGA.

CJ also reserved 2 exemptions for The Asian Tour. 1 player from top of the order of merit will receive an invitation, joined by a Korean player who stands highest among his countrymen in the order of merit. In addition, 3 highest ranked Korean players on World Rankings (OWGR) earn the eligibility. If any of these 3 players are already qualified based on their FedExCup standings; the exemption will be passed on to the next highest ranked player(s).

Lastly, the title sponsor CJ holds the right to 8 exemptions. 5 of these 8 exemptions are reserved for PGA TOUR members. Considered candidates are Korean players and legendary players, who do not satisfy the field requirements.

The other 3 exemptions have no restrictions. One will be awarded to the winner of a local amateur tournament held in Korea. The other 2 exemptions will be considered for Asian prospects that compete in Tour, European Tour, JGTO & KPGA Korean Tour.

Considering all possibilities, the total number of Korean or Korean descent players could be up to 20. Siwoo Kim, 2017 The Players champion, has significantly moved up the FedExCup ranking to secure him a spot in the tournament. S.H. Kang who ranks among top 30 of the FedExCup ranking is also likely to secure a spot. With these two young stars in the field and 18 possible exemption spots available, the total possible number of Korean players is at 20. If players like Byeong Hun An, Seung Yul Noh, James Hahn, and Kevin Na finish the season within top 100 of the FedExCup rankings, the total number could increase.

CJ states “We have worked hard to secure spots for regional players. It will be a wonderful opportunity for them to make their dreams come true. In a PGA TOUR tournament with the largest number of Korean players, we expect a lot of excitement and anticipation from golf fans.”

‘THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES’, Korea’s first PGA TOUR regular season tournament will be held at Nine Bridges in Jeju Island from October 19th to 22nd.

* Qualification is determined in the order of category classification. If there is a golfer who acquired the ticket to the competition in the upper category, the next player in the sub-category will be qualified.